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FAQs related to Covid impacts in spring and summer 2020

The questions and answers on this page were provided in spring 2020 for CEIP students.

  • Social distancing may require that you work from home for some period of time.
  • Please discuss this with your supervisor and ask questions about how long you might be working from home, what equipment you are able to take with you, what support (technical and otherwise) will be available to you, and how to communicate with your team members and supervisor.
  • Please contact the CEIP office about the change in your work.
  • If you feel unsafe in your workplace for any reason, you should alert your supervisor or Human Resources office.
  • If you feel unsafe as a direct result of COVID-19, please discuss alternate work accommodations with your supervisor. You can also contact the CEIP office for advice.

Think back to your CEIP orientation session. We discussed many options for keeping yourself busy.  Here are some suggestions:

  • If your projects have slowed down, volunteer to help another team. Review, edit, and type up your notes from this semester and prepare a transition document for the next intern/co-op student.
  • Although you may be working remotely, you can still connect with co-workers via phone or Zoom. Reach out and ask some new co-workers to discuss with you their roles, career paths, and recommendations to you as someone hoping to work in this field.
  • Think about technology you have used this semester — is there something new you can learn or some technology skill you can improve? Look up online tutorials or LinkedIn Lab videos to learn a new skill.
  • Ask your supervisor if there is anything else you can work on in your down time.
  • Complete reflective worksheets on professional competencies developed by Career and Professional Development to help you reflect on your experience and practice articulating it to future employers. See worksheets on professional competencies, including:
  • If your employer terminates your work experience earlier than expected, please notify the CEIP office as soon as possible. We can help you through the remainder of the semester.
  • Before your last day, ask your supervisor or Human Resources contact the following:
    • If you will continue to be paid through your initial end date, or if you will receive any kind of severance pay;
    • How you need to close out any company housing you received, if applicable;
    • If there will be any assistance for covering housing costs and/or a lease you signed; and
    • How you should wrap up your projects.
  • We will work with you and your immigration advisor in Cranwell. As soon as possible, you should notify the CEIP office and your immigration advisor of your changed end date.