All careers fair.

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018
Squires Commonwealth Ballroom

Some employers will conduct next-day interviews on Wed. Feb. 21, 2018

Pre-event preparation

1. Prepare for a fair | know what to do there
Tip: DON'T walk up to an employer booth and ask "what does your company do?" This is a serious DON'T!

2. Research attending employers before the fair.

EMPLOYERS ATTENDING LIST. ALERT: Employers who registered may change their attendance plans due to unanticipated and other circumstances, so the list of attendees, and actual attendance, is subject to change up through the fair date. Career & Professional Development has no control over the actual attendance of employers.
MAJORS NOTE: The real world is not organized by major, and employers are not limited to suggested majors! Employers might not be able to know all the majors at Virginia Tech and the other universities at which they recruit. You can market yourself to any employer whose positions and other information are a match for what you offer.

The Fairs App
Will be available a few days before the event. Will include booth map with employer location key.
Includes fuller employer description and link to each employer website.

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3. Interview prep: Some employers schedule next-day interviews. Be ready!

CONNECTION fair day details for students

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Squires Student Center  |  10:00 am - 4:00 pm  |  Job fair open to students

Attire: Business casual

When to arrive:
9:30 am  |   Student backpack/bag drop-off and fair check-in opens

The fair is over at 4pm, but most employers pack up by then, and many employers depart early. This is beyond the control of Career and Professional Development. We encourage you to arrive as early as you are able.

Where to enter and arrive in Squires:
  You must enter Squires 1st floor for bag check at BreakZONE.
  Bags/backpacks/purses cannot be carried into the job fair.
  To avoid bag check, bring and carry essentials only: padfolio with resume copies, cell phone, keys, etc.
  Come to student check-in outside Commonwealth Ballroom, 2nd floor.

Visit our handshake booth next to student check-in!
Student quote: "Dear Career center, I just wanted to say thank you for your help at the Connection job fair. I was nervous before coming, and saw your "handshake booth" when I arrived, and figured, why not stop there. The advisor at the booth was so helpful — she not only had me practice my handshake, but also my elevator pitch, and gave me feedback after the first try. I tried again, using her suggestions, and had my intro down perfectly! It really gave me the confidence to talk to employers knowing in advance what to say in a concise and valuable manner. Thank you to the advisors who helped me today, and to Career & Professional Development! I really appreciate it! Sincerely, [VT student]

CONNECTION next-day interview details for students

Advance scheduling of next-day interviews:

  • Some employers plan to stay for next-day interviews; some do not.
  • Talk with employers during the CONNECTION fair on Tuesday. It's perfectly okay for you to ask employers if, when, and how they plan to conduct interviews. [Some employers instead or also interview through the On-Campus Interviewing Program, and those interviews occur at other times.]
  • Each employer decides whom to interview.
  • During the fair and/or later that evening, employers set up interview schedules by inviting students to interview.
  • Be prompt in checking and responding to messages; this is a tight turn-around for scheduling!
  • The employer should tell you the building location for the interview; Squires OR Smith Career Center. You'll check in at the building, so you don't need to know a room or booth number, just the building.
  • Once you commit to an interview, you are commiting to attend. No-showing is unacceptable!
    Read: Cancellation & missed interview policy for students

Attire and arriving for your next-day interviews


Contact for questions

Career & Professional Development at Virginia Tech
(540) 231-6241