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Graduate practica and internships

Graduate practica and internship opportunities in Career and Professional Development 

These are unpaid opportunities for the purpose of assisting graduate students in meeting the requirements of their graduate programs for experience in a professional work environment.

Nature of the graduate practicum or internship experience:

  • Exposure to all aspects of Career and Professional Development.
  • Advising students on many career-related issues addressed by our department.
  • Presenting workshops and seminars.
  • Project-related work which varies by interest of the graduate student and current needs of our department.
  • Opportunity to work with a wide variety of staff in our department.

Number of graduate practica positions available per year:

  • Varies; typically one to three. 

Work term and hours per week:

  • Single semester commitment, fall, spring or summer. 
  • More than one semester possible. 
  • Less opportunity for student contact during summer.
  • May involve training prior to the start of your work semester.
  • Hours per week determined by requirements of your graduate program. 
  • Schedule established for you to accomodate your class schedule.


  • First- or second-year master's level graduate students in the Higher Education (HED) program or Counselor Education program.
  • Graduate students in other programs and other institutions are also considered and have done practica or internships in our office; students typically are in student affairs, counseling, or related graduate programs.


  • Exposure to and experience in a professional career and professional development office environment; opportunity to network.
  • Gain knowledge about and experience with career and professional development
     resources and programs.
  • Schedule flexibility.

Application process and timeline:

  • Ideally, contact us by mid-semester prior to your desired practicum or internship semester to discuss your interests and available projects.

Contact for questions:

Ms. Amy McPherson
Senior Associate Director for Student Services