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Develop Your Professionalism & Productivity Competency

Employer quote: "A critical skill is balancing...

...multiple projects and developing good work habits to be efficient and meet deadlines."

Professionalism and productivity competency:

Demonstrate integrity, resilience, accountability and ethical behavior. The ability to take initiative, maintain effective work habits (prioritize, plan and manage work) to produce high quality results and project a professional presence.

Ways to develop professionalism and productivity skills:

  • Use a planner or calendar to prioritize work assignments and meet deadlines.
  • Attend a networking event to learn more about professionalism.
  • Review your social media through the eyes of a future employer and determine appropriateness.

Reflection questions:

  1. What kinds of information would you request or require before you felt you could do justice to a project or assignment?
  2. Define professionalism.  What qualities should a professional possess?  Which do you have?
  3. Provide an example of someone who epitomizes professionalism.  Why?

Practice interview questions:

  1. Tell me about a time you managed a project or event.  How did you prioritize your work to ensure success?  What unexpected challenges did you face?  How did you handle multiple deadlines?
  2. To whom did you turn for help the last time you needed assistance, and why did you choose that person?
  3. What is the biggest error in judgment you have made?  Why did you make it? How did you correct the problem?