Whjere VT grads go: first destination after the undergraduate degree.

Our RESULTS / REPORT is compiled after close of self-reporting by Virginia Tech graduates who complete bachelor's and associate's degrees. Graduates have seven months to self-report (and update responses), starting the month prior to, through six months after, commencement. [See self-report timeline.] [More about methodology.]

The report answers these questions and more:

  • Who are graduates' employers?
  • How did graduates find their jobs?
  • Where are grads continuing education? What programs, degrees, institutions?
  • What experience — internships (paid, unpaid), volunteering, field study, etc. — did they have during college?
  • What do grads wish they'd done differently related to career planning?

The data collection has Virginia Tech Institutional Review Board approval: IRB number 14-586.

Only for new graduates.
Only for those completing undergraduate degrees:

Completion and self-reporting open:

  • Dec 2018 grads: Mon. Nov. 19, 2018, through Tues. June 18, 2019, 11am.
  • May, Summer I and II, 2019 grads: Mon. Apr. 22, 2019, through Fr. Nov. 15, 2019, 11am.

For questions about the First Destination Report, please contact:
Catherine Copeland | 540-231-6241 | copeland@vt.edu