About the Health Professions Evaluation Committee [HPEC] Interview

What and why:

The Health Professions Evaluation Committee (HPEC) interview is conducted because many health professional programs expect (or strongly encourage) a "committee letter of evaluation" (also known as a "committee letter") from the undergraduate institution for each applicant for admission. The HPEC writes such letters only after a formal interview with the student-applicant.

Typically the following professional programs expect (or strongly encourage) a committee letter:
MD | DO | DDS | OD | DPM.

Typically the following professional programs do not require a committee letter: PT | PA | BSN | MSN.

You, the applicant, should look at the requirements of each of the schools to which you are applying to know whether they expect or encourage a committee letter.

Not the same as reference letters:

Please note the "committee letter of evaluation" is different from reference letters that applicants might also be asked to submit.


HPEC interviews occur only in spring semester (late March to early May).

Example: A student-applicant hoping to begin professional school in fall 2021 will be applying in summer 2020, and your HPEC interview should occur in spring 2020.

How to be ready and sign up for spring 2020 interviews

For spring interviews, preparation begins in the October prior.

Instructions, application process, and deadlines for spring 2020 interviews.


Each interview consists of two HPEC members interviewing one student-applicant.

The committee members are faculty and administrative members from across the campus as well as health professionals from the community who have a strong interest in student development or health care.

How long is the interview?

The HPEC interview lasts ONE HOUR.

What happens during the interview?

This is a formal interview with two basic purposes:

  1. (1) You must demonstrate your strength as an applicant so the committee members can write a "committee letter of evaluation" for you;
  2. The experience is intended to help you prepare for interviews that you could later have with the professional schools to which you apply.

Thus, you will be asked a variety of questions. In addition, at the conclusion of the HPEC interview, you will receive constructive feedback on how you performed based on your responses, body language, and communication skills. This feedback will be most valuable to you as you prepare for your professional school interviews. The "committee letter of evaluation" will focus on the areas of strength you demonstrate during your interview and in your written materials.