Health Professions Advising recommends these resources to learn about and prepare for health care careers. It will benefit you to read these prior to attending an information session, and we encourage you to consult these resources as you have questions throughout your process of preparing for professional school.

  1. Explore Health Careers. org assists you in exploration about the wide variety of available health careers.
  2. National Institutes of Health Office of Science Education > Life Works: Explore health & medical science careers.

Optional resource:

  1. Careers in Medicine class: 1-credit | A-F graded | fall semesters only | open to any interested VT student. A variety of health professionals and admissions officers speak to the class about careers, preparation and admission processes.


Uncertain about health professions and whether this is the path for you? Call our office during office hours. Our staff will help you determine the best next step for advising.