Frequently Asked Questions About the First Destination Report

How many of the graduates responded?

  • Response for the past six years has ranged from 57% - 69%:
    2017-2018: 69%
    2016-2017: 69%
    2015-2016: 62%
    2014-2015: 58%
    2013-2014: 60%
    2012-2013: 60%
    2011-2012: 57.2%
  • See the report which includes college and major response rates.

When do most of the academic year's grads finish?

  • December grads generally account for 16-18% of the total.
  • May grads constitute the majority, with 72-74%.
  • Summer sessions I and II comprise 9-10%.

Who employs the most graduates? Who are the employers by major?

  • Responding employed graduates have reported 700+ to 1000+ employers per graduation cohort.
  • Each year, >130 to >270 graduates stated they are employed but did not name their employer.
  • The most-reported employer is typically reported by under 3% of employed grads.
  • See the report which includes details.

Where do most graduates go to continue education? Where do grads go by major?

  • Each  year, graduates report >150 to almost 200 institutions in over 30 states, plus Washington, DC. A handful of individuals report institutions abroad. Typically about a third of those continuing education (about 7%-8% of all respondents) do so at Virginia Tech.
  • See the report which includes details.

What degrees, like master's, law, medicine, etc., do grads pursue immediately after graduation?

  • See the report which includes this.

What if a graduate finds a job after graduation? Can they report that?

  • Yes. Self-reporting stays open for six months past commencement; to mid-June for December grads, and to mid-November for the May and summer grads. So graduates have plenty of time to self-report employment or graduate school admission. And they can easily update their self-report as long as the survey is open. (More about this in Methodology.)

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