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Frequently asked questions about the first destination report

How many of the graduates responded?

  • This varies each year for the total university and for each college and major. 
  • Response rate is the first item in the report
  • 2019-2020 response was lower because we delayed opening the survey due to the impact of the pandemic in spring 2020. It would have been insensitive to begin surveying the May and summer 2020 grads in April 2020, in the midst of the sudden disruption to people's lives, health, and the economy.
  • Total university reponse by year:
    2019-2020: 31%
    2018-2019: 55%
    2017-2018: 69%
    2016-2017: 69%
    2015-2016: 62%
    2014-2015: 58%
    2013-2014: 60%
    2012-2013: 60%
  • See the reports for each year to view reponse by colleges and majors. Total grads, total N of respondents, and response percentage are the first data points shown.

When do most of the academic year's grads complete degrees?

  • December grads generally account for 16-18% of the total.
  • May grads constitute the majority, with 72-74%.
  • Summer sessons comprise 9-10%.
  • The university began allowing degree completion after winter term; this accounts for less than half a percent of the graduates. We survey these graduates with the December sub-cohort.

Who employs the most graduates? Who are the employers by major?

  • Responding employed graduates have reported 700+ to 1000+ employers per graduation cohort.
  • Each year, >130 to >270 graduates stated they are employed but did not name their employer.
  • The most-reported employer is typically reported by under 3% of employed grads.
  • See the report which includes details.

Where do most graduates go to continue education? Where do grads go by major?

  • Each  year, graduates report >150 to almost 200 institutions in over 30 states, plus Washington, DC. A handful of individuals report institutions abroad. Typically about a third of those continuing education (about 7%-8% of all respondents) do so at Virginia Tech.
  • See the report which includes details.

What degrees, like master's, law, medicine, etc., do grads pursue immediately after graduation?

  • See the report for information about "continuing eduction," which includes this.

What if a graduate finds a job after graduation? Can they report that?

  • Yes. The survey stays open for six months past commencement; to mid-June for December grads, and to mid-November for May and summer grads. So graduates have plenty of time to self-report employment or graduate school admission. And they can easily update their self-report as long as the survey is open. (More about this in Methodology.)

The Virginia Tech Graduate School (see data and reports) surveys and reports on the career plans of those who complete a master's degree or doctoral degree at Virginia Tech.

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