How many of the graduates responded?

  • Response for the past five years has ranged from 57-62%:
    2015-2016: 62%
    2014-2015: 58%
    2013-2014: 60%
    2012-2013: 60%
    2011-2012: 57.2%
  • Numbers and percentages vary by college as shown below. View full-sized version of 2015-2016 response by colleges.

When do most of the academic year's grads finish?

  • December grads generally account for 16-18% of the total.
  • May grads constitute the majority, with 72-74%.
  • Summer session I and II comprise 9-10%.

Who employs the most graduates? Who are the employers by major?

Where do most graduates go to continue education? Where do grads go by major?

What degrees, like master's, law, medicine, etc., do grads pursue immediately after graduation?

What if a graduate finds a job after graduation? Can they report that in the survey?

  • Yes. The survey stays open for six months past commencement; to mid-June for December grads, and to mid-November for the May and summer grads. So graduates have plenty of time to self-report employment or graduate school admission. And they can easily update their self-report as long as the survey is open. [More about this in Methodology.]

If you have other questions:

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