Thank you for joining us as partners to promote the career development of your Virginia Tech students.

Overview of advising, education and resources we offer to students:

Exploring self, careers, and majors.
We provide advising and resources to students who are exploring career options and majors, who are considering changing majors, or who need more information about career options associated with the majors they have chosen.

Seeking career-related real world experience during college.
All students are encouraged to seek experience during college that is related to their career goals. Most Virginia Tech students graduate with more than one type of experience, and a quarter of our graduates wish they had acquired more before graduation. The types of experience students acquire vary by career field, and include: volunteer work, part-time jobs, summer jobs, unpaid internships, paid internships, cooperative education programs, undergraduate research, and field studies.

Career and Professional Developments administers the Undergraduate Cooperative Education and Internship Program [CEIP] and advises all students on pursuing career-related experience.

The job search for post-graduate employment.
We provide services and advising for graduating students to support them in the search for employment. We teach students job search skills and the expectations of employers.

Considering graduate or professional school.

We offer services and advising to help students research graduate programs, learn about the application process, and learn about the demands and expectations of graduate and professional school.

Students planning for a health profession requiring education beyond the bachelor's degree are served through our office by Health Professions Advising [HPA] and are encouraged to begin in freshman year.