Calendar graphic of cycle for each interview week

On-Campus Interviewing cycle of student dates and deadlines for each interview week

Exact date list for fall and spring semesters

Each employer books a specific interview date, often months in advance.
Student application & sign-up deadlines are based on the interview week.
Details on each step are shown below.
Deadline to apply
online in Hokies4Hire.
Employers review resumes. Students: BEFORE you sign up, read
Cancellation & Missed Interview Policy.
Sign up phase online in Hokies4Hire.

Attend interview(s)

Interview dates:
Accepted students sign-up period; timeslot first-come, first-served: Alternate & accepted students may sign up if slots are open; no guarantees: Deadline
to cancel

in Hokies4Hire
  Sun 11:59 pm   Sat 12:01 am -
Tue 11:59 pm
Wed 12:01 am -
Th 11:59 pm
Th 11:59 pm Mon - Fri

Fall semester 2016

1 Sep 4   Sep 10-13 Sep 14-15 Sep 15 Sep 19-23
2 Sep 11   Sep 17-20 Sep 21-22 Sep 22 Sep 26-30
3 Sep 18   Sep 24-27 Sep 28-29 Sep 29 Oct 3-7
4 Sep 25   Oct 1-4 Oct 5-6 Oct 6 Oct 10-14
5 Oct 4   Oct 8-11 Oct 12-13 Oct 13 Oct 17-21
6 Oct 9   Oct 15-18 Oct 19-20 Oct 20 Oct 24-28
7 Oct 16   Oct 22-25 Oct 26-27 Oct 27 Oct 31-Nov 4
8 Oct 23   Oct 29-Nov 1 Nov 2-3 Nov 3 Nov 7-11
9 Oct 30   Nov 5-8 Nov 9-10 Nov 10 Nov 14-18
  Thanksgiving break week — no interviewing: Nov 21-25
10 Nov 6   Nov 12-15 Nov 16-17 Nov 17 Nov 28-Dec 2

Spring semester 2017

1 Jan 22   Jan 28-31 Feb 1-2 Feb 2 Feb 6-10
2 Jan 29   Feb 4-7 Feb 8-9 Feb 9 Feb 13-17
3 Feb 5   Feb 11-14 Feb 15-16 Feb 16 Feb 20-24
4 Feb 12   Feb 18-21 Feb 22-23 Feb 23 Feb 27-Mar 3
  Spring break week — no interviewing: Mar 6-10
5 Feb 19   Feb 25-28 Mar 1-2 Mar 2 Mar 13-17
6 Feb 26   Mar 11-14 Mar 15-16 Mar 16 Mar 20-24
7 Mar 5   Mar 18-21 Mar 22-23 Mar 23 Mar 27-31
8 Mar 15   Mar 25-28 Mar 29-30 Mar 30 Apr 3-7


Details of On-Campus Interviewing program process

  • Employers often book their interview dates months in advance, and they make plans to travel to campus, with associated travel expenses. 
  • Over 200 to up to 300 employing organizations schedule on-campus interview visits each year. 
  • Many employers conduct campus interviews once per year; some conduct campus interviews twice per year. 
  • They invest planning, time and financial resources to visit campus, and they expect to meet with well-prepared students.
  • Log in to Hokies4Hire to read the job descriptions to determine your interest in each job; determine if you have the qualifications the employer is seeking; and apply if you chose to do so.
  • Be aware that:
    • Applying does not guarantee you an interview.
    • Applying does not require you to sign up for an interview if you are offered one.
  • For your advance planning, note that:
    • Application deadlines are based on the week in which the interview occurs, and are usually about three weeks before the interview week.
    • In 2016-2017, fall semester has 10 interview weeks, and spring semester has 8 interview weeks.
    • So you might want to check Hokies4Hire about four weeks before each interview week to determine if there are any jobs to which you want to apply for that interview week.
  • Employers review resumes of the students who applied, and employers select students to interview.
  • Employers may select alternates in case not all selected students sign up.
  • If you are selected for an interview, you'll receive an email telling you how to sign up for an interview.
  • Selected students are not required to sign up, but if you do sign up, and you don't cancel by the deadline, you have committed yourself to attend. 
  • Prior to signing up, read the Cancellation & Missed Interview Policy.
  • Interviews are usually, but not always, 30 minutes long. Each interview begins at a specific time. 
  • Sign-up dates are usually, but not always, the week prior to the interview week.
    (For interview weeks immediately following school break weeks, sign-ups are usually two weeks prior.)
    Selected students have a four-day period to sign up to be guaranteed an interview spot; specific interview time is first-come, first-served.
  • If the employer chose alternate students, alternates have a two-day period to try to sign up if there are any open slots in the schedule (no guarantees for alternates). Selected students may also try to sign up during this period, but there is no longer a guarantee of an open slot.
  • Cancellation can occur throughout the sign-up period.
  • Deadline for all sign-up and cancellation is 11:59 p.m. Thursday of the sign-up period.
  • Prepare for your interview(s)!
  • Signing up for an interview is your choice, and is a professional business appointment and commitment. As stated above, prior to signing up, you are required to read the Cancellation and Missed Interview Policy.
  • Location: Smith Career Center, second floor check-in and waiting area.
  • Factor in time for parking and arrival so that you can check in and be seated five or ten minutes prior to your interview start time.
  • There are changing areas in the women's and men's restrooms on the second floor; you are welcome to use those facilities to change in to your interview attire.