Career and Professional Development provides this listing (and links) as a service to Virginia Tech students because these events are excellent resources for expanding your awareness of, and ability to connect with, graduate and professional schools. Given the cost of travel — for graduate school reps, and for students attending fairs at off-campus locations — take note of the extensive variety of profession-focused virtual fairs, some of which are listed below, enabling you to connect with school reps you might not otherwise meet.

Please note that Career and Professional Development does not operate these fairs and does not control their websites, and we might not receive notice if event details change. Place reliance on each event website and contact the sponsor if you have questions not answered on the event website. 

Grad & prof school fairs:   at Virginia Tech   |   other locations   |   virtual

At Virginia Tech

What | When | Where Sponsor |  Contact Purpose
Graduate & Professional School Fair
Mon. Sep. 26, 2016
5:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Squires Student Center
Graduate Student Assembly
Mr. Kasey Richardson
Students and non-students are welcome to meet with graduate and professional school representatives.

Other locations

What | When | Where Sponsor | Contact Purpose
Virginia Graduate & Professional School Fair Circuit
Times and locations shown for each specific event.
Listed for each fair, and maintained by the Virginia Tech Graduate School. For questions contact:
Ms. Dannette Gomez Beane
Varies for each event.
Idealist Grad Fairs
Sep. - Oct.
10 events each in a major U.S. city. Connect individuals with graduate schools in fields such as public administration, international affairs, education, public policy, public interest law, social work, nonprofit management, global and public health, theology, environmental science, and socially responsible business. 
Big 10+ Graduate School Exposition
Sep. 25 - 26, 2016
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN
(travel scholarships available)
Purdue University
Engineering, mathematics, science, technology and related disciplines. Students from all institutions encouraged to attend. Travel scholarships available.

Virtual grad & professional school fairs

View full list of virtual fairs sponsored by CareerEco
MANY fairs, each focused on a specific profession and field, or a population, including:

Sample of 2016-2017 fairs:

Fall 2016:
Occupational therapy  |  Aug 3
Biomed  |  Sep 13 & Oct 5
Public health  |  Sep 14 & Nov 16
Seminary & theology  |  Sep 15
Health professions  |  Sep 26 & 30
Pharmacy  |  Oct 4 & 5 & Oct 13
Psychology  |  Oct 5
Social Work  |  Oct 6
Education  |  Oct 13
Engineering  |  Oct 18
Veterans  |  Oct 27
Naturopathic medical colleges  |  Nov 2
Optometry  |  Nov 2
Art and Design  |  Nov 3
Midwest law schools  |  Nov 9
Alabama grad schools  |  Nov 10
College athletes  |  Nov 16 
Public health  |  Nov 16

Spring 2017:
Seminary & theology  |  Mar 29