Instructions apply to both fall and spring Connection job fairs.


  • All scheduling will be done by you on Tuesday, the fair date, using the interview sign-up form we provide you at check-in. 
  • You may schedule students as you meet them during the fair AND/OR contact students after the fair closes. Students will be admitted to interviews based on the interview sign-up form schedule you turn in, so it must be complete and accurate.
  • One schedule form = one interview table. No more than two interviewers per schedule/table.
  • Interview start times: 8:30 am and at every 1/2 hour interval through 4:30 pm, on Wednesday.
  • Start times cannot be changed: this enables the least disruption with many interviews occurring simultaneously.
  • Interview length: 25 minutes (gives 5-minute buffer time for exit and entry of students between interviews).
  • Lunch / breaks: Before scheduling students, block the time you wish to take for lunch. Lunch is planned to be available from noon - 1:30 pm. Schedule other breaks as you wish.
  • 5:00 pm end time essential: At 5:15 pm, at the close of the interviews day (Wednesday), crews will begin to dismantle booths and tables. All your materials must be removed from the area by that time.


  • BUILDING LOCATION: You must tell students if your interviews are in Squires or Smith Career Center, so that students can show up at the correct building for the interview. If you don't know, ask at employer check-in. The two buildings are about a 15-minute walk apart, so if a student comes to the incorrect building, it will delay the student's arrival at the correct location.
  • All students should come to STUDENT INTERVIEW CHECK-IN for the building location. 
    They don't need a room or table number; students will come to check-in and be directed from there. 
    Student check-in for Squires is outside the Commonwealth Ballroom. 
    Student check-in for Smith Career Center is on the second floor.
  • Student arrival time:
    Students should arrive at 8:00 am for 8:30 am interviews.
    Students should arrive 15 minutes prior to all other interview times.


  • Most Connection next-day interviews will be held in Squires.
  • Your interview table might be DIFFERENT or the same as your fair-day booth location. The interview table number will be on your interview sign-up form.
  • If your interview schedule is complete by 5:30 p.m. Tuesday:
    Turn in your schedule at employer check-in before departing Squires on Tuesday; this eliminates the need for you to come to employer check-in on Wednesday morning when there may be a waiting line; simply proceed to your interview table.
  • If you still need to work on your interview schedule after 5:30 pm Tuesday:
    Turn in your interview schedule at employer check-in Wednesday morning, beginning 7:45 am.
    Arrive by 7:50 am if you have an 8:30 am interview. You may encounter a waiting line. 
    If your first interview is at 9:00 am or later, arrive 30 minutes before your first interview.
  • Why you must turn in the completed schedule form: Students will be admitted to interviews based on the interview sign-up form. Our staff will keep the bottom copy; the top copy will be returned to you with your interview location. 

Student no-shows for interviews: 

  • If this occurs — and we sincerely hope it does not because we have communicated expectations to students — you may report this using the form in your packet. Students have been advised of the Cancellation and Missed Interview Policy.