James Lanter

Applications Developer (DSA-IT)

Jamie has lived in Blacksburg three times over the last three decades. The first and second times were for his undergraduate and MBA degrees. This time around Jamie works as a Database and Application Developer for the Division of Student Affairs in the Information Technology department. His primary area of support is for Career and Professional Development. Between his three rounds of living in Blacksburg he lived and worked in Charlotte, Houston, Chicago, Manhattan, and Raleigh. Jamie says, "it’s good to be home!"

Jamie has been programming since the days of the Radio Shack CoCo (that’s short for Color Computer, a 4k beast), and his specialty is the organization of data primarily using relational database design. Before returning to Virginia Tech, he was a consultant implementing PeopleSoft’s HR, Finance, and Student Administration ERP modules.

When Jamie is not getting his nerd on, he plays ice hockey and recently rediscovered the gym.