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Mock Interview Program

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Mock Interview Program Registration

Career Services offers the Mock Interview Program for currently enrolled Virginia Tech students to assist you in preparing for an interview that you may have with an employer or a graduate school program. The mock interview is a practice interview for which you prepare in advance.

Documents you'll need ready before you call:

Prior to scheduling your mock, you will be instructed to email the following documents in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF (.pdf) format:
Your resume
The job description OR graduate program description

It is optional to submit:
Additional information such as practice questions, a cover letter, writing samples.

When mocks can happen:


Call Career Services at 540-231-6241 during office hours. Mocks can be scheduled to occur between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. Please note that your mock cannot take place on the same day you call.

Alternatives if...

I'm in a hurry. | There is not an appointment time that works for me. | I'm an alumnus/alumna or employee of Virginia Tech.


Interview Stream is a web-based practice interview program, available 24/7/365 and is open to anyone with a Virginia Tech PID and password.

Alumni who need VT PID and password help, see:
Alumni Association instructions on VT PID + password.
Career Services has no control over or access to VT PIDs and passwords.

Length of appointment, what happens, and video recording

Your appointment will be scheduled to last for one hour. Your interview will be 30-45 minutes and the remaining time will be used for you and your advisor to discuss and critique your interview and to address questions you may have.

Your interview may be video recorded, if you wish. If it is recorded, your advisor will give you written instructions on viewing it, and within 24 hours you will be sent an email with a download link for you to retrieve, view, and keep (if you wish) your video. The link will expire in 10 days. You'll need Windows Media Player (PC only) or VLC player (PC and Mac) to play your video.

Advance preparation

Thoroughly and carefully read the Mock Interview Guidebook (Microsoft Word pdf) to assist you in preparing for your Mock Interview, and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Arrival time, attire & location

Arrive 10-15 minutes early for the scheduled mock interview; dress in interview attire. Check in at the Smith Career Center reception desk on the first floor.

Caution on mock interviews for class assignments:

Mock Interviews for class assignments will not be given during finals week.  It is your responsibility to get your mock interview completed in a timely fashion, which meets your instructor’s deadline.


If you need to cancel for any reason, call Career Services at 540-231-6241 during office hours.

All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, so the cancellation is logged no later than the business day prior to the appointment. For example, cancellation of a Monday mock interview must be made, at latest, on Friday, the business day prior.

No-Show Policy


If you do not show up for your scheduled mock interview and/or alert Career Services 24 hours in advance, per cancellation rules above, that you cannot attend, you will be blocked from scheduling future mock interviews.

Contact for questions:
Career Services
Smith Career Center